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Microsynth Austria GmbH was founded in January 2012, as a subsidiary of its well-established parent company, Microsynth AG in Switzerland. The initial focus of Microsynth Austria will be to provide Sanger DNA sequencing services  for its customers in Austria. Full know-how transfer from the parent company, state-of-the art lab and office infrastructure (in close proximity to some of the major academic research centers of Austria) as well as a highly motivated team will form the main pillars of Microsynth Austria.  Microsynth Austria is therefore confident that it will soon become a major sequencing player in the Austrian market.

Our Services

In the initial phase, Microsynth Austria will put its focus on DNA sequencing of plasmid inserts and PCR products in a tube format. For this purpose, the following two mainstream Microsynth services are available:

Researchers in Vienna and Graz with direct access to a Microsynth collection box can benefit from Microsynth Austria’s overnight sequencing service. Drop your samples as late as 6 PM in one of Microsynth’s numerous collection boxes and you will receive your results at ~10 AM in the morning of the next working day.  Such fast turnaround times (~16 hours) are possible since your samples will be processed on-site, i.e. in the heart of Vienna.  Obviously, on-site processing has another important advantage. There is no need for environmentally harmful  transport of your samples via airplanes over long distances. Instead, Microsynth Austria  will handle your samples fast and economically by relying on environmentally-friendly means of transport (bike courier, train). “Think globally, act locally” is a commonly used phrase these days. And we think that it makes particular sense in this context.


For all customers without a Microsynth collection box close by, Microsynth offers a convenient alternative. By using Microsynth’s pre-paid envelopes samples can be shipped free of charge to our sequencing lab via regular mail (Oesterreichische Bundespost). In this case, the turnaround time will take one day longer.


For the time being, all other sequencing services will be provided through Microsynth Switzerland:


Microsynth Austria GmbH
Leberstrasse 20
1110 Wien
Phone: +43 1 743 39 69
Fax: +43 1 743 41 83
Mobile: +43 676 695 44 51
E-mail: info@microsynth.at
Web: www.microsynth.at

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Write an e-mail or call us at +43-1-743 39 69

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