Oligos Delivered in 2D Barcoded Storage Tubes

Whether you need to securely store and keep track of hundreds or thousands of oligos, Microsynth can deliver the requested oligos in 2D barcoded storage tubes.


Your Overall Benefits Include:

  • Delivery of oligos in tubes carrying a unique and permanently attached, laser-etched 2D barcode at the bottom of each tube
  • Delivery of unique data (e.g. oligo name, sequence, yield, etc.) associated with each tube as electronic file (*.txt; *.csv)
  • All together this results in simplified and more secure storage, identification as well as tracking of your oligos samples in your lab


How to Order?

  • Important: Please first contact us at Microsynth and request your customized offer!
  • Within your offer, Microsynth will explain the procedure for ordering oligos in 2D barcode storage tubes


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