Broad Spectrum of NGS Applications and Services

Microsynth can offer you a broad spectrum of applications in the area of next generation sequencing (see table below). Moreover, due to the availability of most of the well-known NGS platforms, Microsynth is also able to consult you in picking the right technology for your application.

The table gives you a rough guideline how we see the potential of an individual NGS platform1. However, many sequencing projects may profit from a hybrid approach using more than one NGS platform and therefore, discussing your project with our NGS experts will help you to find the optimal approach.

Applications Illumina MiSeq Illumina NextSeq & HiSeq PacBio
Genome Sequencing 

De novo
++ + +++

Resequencing +++ +++ +
Targeted resequencing    

Whole exome
++ +++

+++ ++

ChIP sequencing
+ +++
Transcriptome sequencing

Whole transcriptome reference generation +++  

Whole transcriptome + +++

small RNA sequencing + +++
Metagenomic Sequencing    

Whole genome shotgun
+++ +++

16s rDNA sequencing +++ + +
  ITS sequencing +++ + +
Ultra Deep Amplicon Sequencing    

Ultra Deep Sequencing of specific PCR products
+++ +
"+" suitable approach
"+++" recommended approach

Beyond producing high-quality sequencing data on our various NGS platforms, Microsynth can offer you the following additional services:

  • Project consultation: Each NGS project is unique. In order to strive for an optimal project design our NGS experts will discuss with you the best NGS strategy for your project. Once we have done together a careful project analysis, you will receive a project offer.
  • Next generation sequencing related molecular biology services:
                   o DNA/RNA isolation
                   o Library preparation
                   o PCR and qPCR services
                   o Sanger DNA sequencing
                   o Synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides
  • Bioinformatics: Several state-of-the-art analysis pipelines are available at Microsynth (e.g. de Novo assembly, mapping, SNP and InDel calling, differential gene expression analysis, metagenomics analysis of bacterial or fungal communities). In addition, more customized bioinformatics projects can be performed depending on the scientific question of the researchers.
Interested to receive more information and/or to discuss your NGS project with an expert? Then, please contact us.

1 After almost 10 years of numerous successful sequencing projects, we have decided to discontinue our Roche 454 GS FLX+ based sequencing service in early summer 2016. Throughout 2015 and early 2016 we supported our customers to facilitate the transition of existing projects to the up to date Illumina or PacBio sequencing technologies. Of course all of our customers also benefit in future from our long-term experiences gained with the Roche 454 sequencing.

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