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Shipping Address
Microsynth AG

Next Generation Sequencing

Schützenstrasse 15

9436 Balgach



Shipment Recommendations

We recommend shipping the samples frozen on dry ice.

Buffer Recommendations 

DNA: 10 mM Tris-HCl buffer (pH 7.5 – 8.5)
RNA: 10 mM Tris-HCl buffer (pH 7.0)


Sample Amounts Required for Illumina Sequencing

Type of Library Amount (µg) Concentration (ng/µl)
DNA for Nextera XT library* >0.2 >10
DNA for Nextera library >0.5 >10
DNA for TruSeq library


DNA for Mate Pair library >5 >50
DNA for amplicon preparation (e.g. 16s rDNA or ITS analysis) >0.2 >10
Ready-to-sequence amplicon library >0.2 >10
Total RNA for whole transcriptome library >10 >200

* low input protocol as low as 1 ng is available (excludes quality control)

Sample Amounts Required for PacBio Sequencing
Type of Library Amount (µg) Concentration (ng/µl)
DNA Library >10 >300
DNA/RNA Quantification

DNA/RNA quantification is recommended to be done by a fluorometric method, e.g. PicoGreen®, RiboGreen®, Qubit® etc.

DNA Quality Control
Microsynth performs on each received sample a complete quality control prior to further sequencing steps. However, we do recommend that you also check your DNA on a gel or on the Bioanalyzer to allow a straightforward approach for your sequencing project. If you do so, please provide us with the gel picture or trace file as well.















































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