Fragment Length Analysis

Do you want to outsource your fragment length analysis?


Whether your application is a plain routine service or more complex R&D, Microsynth can offer you both the know-how and the necessary lab infrastructure.


Service Description for Fragment Length Analysis:

  • Design and synthesis of high quality fluorescent-labeled PCR primers for individual or multiplex strategies via our in-house oligonucleotide production facility
  • Optimization of PCR amplification conditions (e.g. for detecting STRs)
  • PCR amplification of STR loci and separation on state-of-the art capillary electrophoresis systems (e.g. ABI 3730xl)
  • Allele size and identity determination with GeneMapper ID software
  • Data presented in user-friendly spreadsheets that contain fragment length/allele size and other parameters of interest
  • Data or main results are made available in electronic or hard copy formats; additional information such as electropherogram for publication matters can be made available upon request.
  • Experience with difficult-to-assay samples and complete assistance with data interpretation
  • A "ready-to-load" service is available on our capillary electrophoresis system if the user has prepared the fluorescently labeled PCR products in 96-well plates

The very individual requirements of each customer project complicate pricing. Please request an individual quote. The following questions are relevant for appropriate pricing:

  • DNA/RNA isolation necessary? From what kind of organism and tissue? 
  • Expected number of samples (single analysis, repeated analysis)?
  • Delivery of samples (amount, quality and vessel)?
  • Assay established?
  • Single or multiplex assay?
  • Number of replicas per sample?
  • Delivery form of data (raw data, analysed data, report)
  • Test samples available? Especially in case of larger projects, we prefer to perform initial testing in order to make a good bid.

Interested in receiving more information or obtaining a quote? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.






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