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Why to Test Cell Lines?

It is a fact that cross-contamination and misidentification of mammalian cell cultures is widespread. An incredible high number of 15-20% of all cell line based biomedical research is affected by misidentified cell lines. Therefore, establishing a cell line’s identity through STR profiling is essential to conducting valid and re-producible research. Moreover, more and more journals (not only the high-impact ones!) are requesting the authentication of cell lines as prerequisite for acceptance of manuscripts.


Microsynth has over 10 years of experience in genotyping and offers an easy-to-use service for human and mouse cell lines. Rely on our experience and make your research reliable!

Main Service Features and Benefits:

  • Easy sample handling: just send us your cell line at room temperature. Microsynth will isolate and genotype your cell lines and return an analysis re­port including electropherograms.  
  • Easy sample shipment: Just place the cell lines in one of our numerous collection boxes with daily pickup service in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Alternatively send us the cell lines with your preferred postal service at room temperature.
  • Reliable results: Microsynth has over 10 years of experience in genotyping and your results are summarized in a meaningful analysis report.
  • Multiple organisms: Currently a stan­dard cell line typing service is offered for human and mouse cell lines. In cooperation with our subsidiary ecogenics GmbH, we can develop high-quality micro­satellite markers for virtually any organ­isms. Contact us to discuss your specific needs!
  • Additional services (available at an extra charge):
    • Database compar­ison of the DNA profile (ATTC, DSMZ)
    • Mycoplasma contamination testing of cell culture supernatant

    How it Works?

    • Collect 1.0-5.0 Mio cells and wash the cell pellet twice in PBS or another appropriate buffer. Resus­pense cell pellet in 0.5 ml of 70-90% ethanol and transfer to 1.5 ml screw cap tube. If you want to send us isolated DNA, please provide ≥30 μl gDNA in Tris or low-EDTA buffer (10 mM Tris, 0.1 mM EDTA). For mycoplasma testing please send 100 μl of the culture supernatant di­rectly.
    • Download and fill the order form (see under Related Downloads). Send a copy to genotyp­ing@microsynth.ch.
    • Print the order form and put it to­gether with the samples in a plastic bag or envelope. Drop the samples in the next Microsynth or Seqlab collection box. To find the closest collection point please login the webshop at www.mi­crosynth.ch and click “Options & Preferences” under DNA Sequencing and find details under “Collection Points”.
    • Microsynth will confirm the receipt of your samples and ship back the analysis results within one week.

    Pricing Information

    To obtain information about our prices, please login to our webshop and download the current price list (see page 10 for cell line authentication services). New customers will get an introductory discount of 50% for the first cell line.

    Further Reading

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