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In today’s competitive environment, the pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech industries as well as academic/public institutions are increasingly forced to reduce costs and become leaner. As a consequence, the percentage of R&D work to be outsourced is increasing. This trend will continue to be driven by the pursuit of improving R&D cost efficiency as well as efficacy. In other words, doing more R&D with less, and doing it smartly!

Microsynth has vast experience in providing a broad spectrum of outsourcing services for life sciences clients – from start-up biotechnology firms, large multinational pharmaceutical companies to renowned research hospitals and scientific institutions.

Therefore we encourage you to do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Our Expertise Areas:

Our Customers

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies (SMEs up to world renowned large cap companies)
  • Government agencies
  • Academic institutes

(High-Throughput) Cloning >>to the top

As a standard procedure, we offer cloning from your PCR product into a sequencing vector. Individual clones are picked and sequenced. Each clone corresponds to individual molecules and can be sequenced with multiple primers for sequence verification and mutation detection. In this context, we recommend sequencing 96 individual clones in order to get a good coverage of the PCR product population.

Laboratory Automation >>to the top

During the last 20 years, we have learned how lab automation supports the economic handling as well as quality management of a constantly growing number of samples, whether for synthesis or analytical purposes. Our company is meanwhile equipped with more than half a dozen automated robotic lab pipetting systems satisfying our current need for high-throughput applications. Intelligent barcoding systems and integrated database systems help to control the flow of the samples.

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis >>to the top

Modern molecular biology tools generally produce large amounts of data. In order to translate the data into meaningful information and finally understand the biological significance, a good understanding of bioinformatics is crucial. We are able to do the final assembly of in-house sequenced organisms, perform SNP analysis of sequenced PCRs or perform design of even difficult real-time PCR probes -- just to name a few examples.

Project Management >>to the top

Excellent project management is not just keeping track of the tasks that need to get done, it is about managing the entire customer experience. We’ve successfully performed many different projects (small to large projects) over the last decade, ranging from one-month projects to projects lasting several years. In this context it is important to note that one attribute makes Microsynth unique: we are a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) with a highly qualified staff with a broad spectrum of molecular biology skills. Therefore, your needs are at the heart of the project and will be managed flexibly and professionally throughout the course of your project.

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