Why Outsource to Microsynth?

Outsourcing your molecular biology project to Microsynth offers a number of direct advantages:
  • Broad, cohesive package of modular services in the area of molecular biology
  • Professional project planning ensures that the foreseen procedures are both effective and efficient
  • Clear agreements regarding costs and delivery dates in advance
  • Professional and customer-oriented support from our key people spanning all our expert areas
  • Reliable data due to intensive quality control
  • Validated analytical methods (some of them even being in accordance with ISO 17025:2005)
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
In addition to this, outsourcing to Microsynth also leads to a number of indirect advantages:
  • More time to devote to the more challenging aspects of your project
  • The option of avoiding routine work
  • Fewer investments required for DNA equipment, associated chemicals and training of specialized staff
  • No risk of ‘out-dated’ technology due to rapid developments in the market
  • Access to specialized technologies that may lie outside your own scope
  • Sufficient capacity guaranteed
  • Possibility of reducing time required for certain projects

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