Full-Length Plasmid Sequencing


Did you ever waste your time because the plasmid you worked with was not the plasmid you thought it was? Misidentified or mutations in plasmids can be a source of ongoing frustration and can hamper the progress of your research. Microsynth provides a fast and cost-effective Illumina-based full-length plasmid sequencing service including assembling/bioinformatics. Therefore, let us sequence your plasmids to make your research more reliable.

Your Benefits Include

  • Full-length characterization of unknown plasmids
  • Full-length validation of known plasmids (requires reference sequence)
  • Large bulk of sequencing data per plasmid
  • Cost-effective NGS sequencing including deep sequencing coverage and highest possible data quality
  • Fast turnaround time (1 to 3 weeks)

Routine Workflow

  • Plasmid Isolation (either done by customer or outsourced to Microsynth)
  • Library Preparation (shotgun libraries will be used)
  • Next Generation Sequencing (paired-end sequencing on the MiSeq system generating 2 Mb raw data using 250 bp read length mode or longer)
  • Bioinformatics Analysis (filtering of host DNA if reference sequence will be provided andde novo assembly of the plasmid)
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