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Company Overview

Headquarter Microsynth AG
Microsynth (founded in 1989) is a leading European company in the area of nucleic acid synthesis & analysis. The main activities are divided into the following three business areas:
For almost three decades, the company's objective has been to serve its customers by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time and with outstanding service – and all this at competitive prices.
Microsynth Austria is an Austrian subsidiary of Microsynth AG and is located at the Biotechnology Center Leberstrasse in Vienna. The parent company has it's headquarter in Balgach, Switzerland, and operates further subsidiaries in Germany (Microsynth Seqlab) and Switzerland (ecogenics). Altogether Microsynth employs a staff of about 100 people.
All branches of Microsynth are EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. The NGS and Sanger sequencing departments as well as the paternity testing services of Microsynth AG (Balgach) are additionally ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited (STS 0429). Further, Microsynth AG (Balgach) is authorized by SwissMedic to perform quality control of medicinal products by GMP Sanger sequencing. The oligonucleotide synthesis of Microsynth AG (Balgach) is EN ISO 13485:2016 certified for the analysis, production and distribution of nucleic acids, in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays and applications.

Company Mission


It is Microsynth’s mission to be a leading service and solution provider for molecular biologists who require either high-quality DNA/RNA oligonucleotides, robust DNA/RNA sequencing & analysis solutions, or want to outsource entire research projects.

History and Introduction


Microsynth was founded by Dr. Tobias Schmidheini in 1989 and is currently active in three different business areas. When Dr. Schmidheini started in 1989 to produce DNA oligonucleotides on behalf of Swiss academic institutes, he was one of the pioneers in this area. Meanwhile the company is offering its numerous customers a broad spectrum of high-quality DNA/RNA oligonucleotides for research but also for molecular diagnostic applications. In 1992 the company decided to enter the business field of DNA sequencing as one of the first companies in Europe. With setting up a sequence laboratory in 2012 in Austria and by acquiring Seqlab – one of the leading German sequencing providers – in 2013 Microsynth has been able to strengthen its position in the highly competitive DNA sequencing market. Today, the company is also well recognized in this area by offering its customers both traditional Sanger sequencing as well as state-of-the-art next generation sequencing services. The third business area (contract research & outsourcing) is essentially a combination of DNA/RNA synthesis with DNA/RNA sequencing along with other critical expert areas (DNA/RNA isolation, PCR & qPCR, genotyping, advanced bioinformatics) where customers can rely on Microsynth’s broad expertise and outsource entire research projects.

Company History Microsynth

Our Brand Promise


As a pioneer in our field, we have gained a lot of critical know-how and experience related to DNA/RNA services since our incorporation in 1989.

This expertise is our most valuable asset and we give great importance to increasing our expertise through our commitment to technical competence, diligence and reliability. For almost three decades, our objective has been to serve our customers by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time and with outstanding service – and all this at competitive prices.

Last but not least, we are committed to sustainable development and to the protection of the natural resources of our planet.


Microsynth Austria GmbH

Dr. Lukas Hartl and Mag. Bernhard Binishofer are running the Microsynth Austria operations since 2012. Whereas Dr. Hartl is in charge of sales & marketing, Mr. Binishofer is managing the sequencing lab.
Left: Lukas Hartl   Right: Bernhard Binishofer 

Microsynth AG


In 2014, after 25 years at the forefront of the company, Dr. Schmidheini decided to step back as CEO and to hand over the operational management to two longstanding and deserved employees. Christof Wunderlin (in charge of Sales, Finance and HR) and Dr. Markus Schmid (in charge of operations and

Quality Systems) have committed themselves to advance the internationalization and further growth of the company but not neglecting the golden rule of Microsynth doing business in a sustainable and socially responsible way.


Left: Christof Wunderlin / Center: Tobias Schmidheini / Right: Markus Schmid