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Quarterly News Q3 2019

This newsletter is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Microsynth. To celebrate with you, our customer, we launched several activities in September, our incorporation month.



11th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting

Visit us at the 11th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting in Salzburg from September 16th - 18th.


Quarterly News Q2 2019

Learn about the many different probes you can order at Microsynth, submit your NGS sample information now through our webshop and celebrate with Microsynth our 30th anniversary.



Quarterly News Q1 2019

Find out in this newsletter what we learned after one year with Ecoli NightSeq. Learn how you can search for virulence, resistance...



MGB Probes

Customized high quality MGB probes for R&D purposes at affordable prices.