Sanger Sequencing

For more than two decades Microsynth is commercializing services in the area of DNA Sanger sequencing. Since its beginnings in 1992, Microsynth has continuously expanded its service portfolio and is today able to basically cover all common sequencing applications. The following table gives an overview about the various services which we are currently covering in the field of traditional Sanger DNA sequencing. 




Service Segmentation

Standard Sequencing in 1,5 ml Single Tubes

Barcode Economy Run Service

Pre-paid service; generic samples;

one tube = one reaction

Best Price Segment

Economy Run Service

Generic samples; one tube = one reaction

Standard Segment

Premium Run Service

Difficult samples; one tube = one or several reactions

Premium Segment

Standard Sequencing within MTP (Microtiter Plate) Format


Barcode High-Throughput Service

Pre-paid service; 96-well plate format

Best Price Segment

High-Throughput Service

96- and 384-well plate format

Best Price & Standard Segment1

Ready-to-Load High-Throughput Service

Post-BigDye cleanup samples; 96- and 384-well plate format

Best Price & Standard Segment1

Other Sequencing Services

Primer Walking Service

De novo as well as verification sequencing (single- or double stranded)

Premium Segment

Large Construct Sequencing

Partial and entire sequencing of BACs, PACs, FOSMIDs and COSMIDs
Partial sequencing of genomic DNA (up to 5 MB)
Premium Segment


Clone & Sequence

Cloning of PCR products into a vector and subsequent sequencing

Premium Segment

Exon Sequencing and Mutation Detection Identification of (point) mutations in genes or exons with great accuracy on a nucleotide level Premium Segment
GLP/GMP-Compliant Sequencing High-Quality double strand sequencing compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Premium Segment


1 Upon ordering a certain volume of reactions, list prices will drop significantly; whereas Best Price Segment means high order volumes, Standard Segment means low order volumes.

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