Best Price Segment — Overview

Are you looking for an experienced Sanger DNA sequencing service that is suitable for decoding the sequence of routine samples such as plasmids or PCR products? And are you prepared to commit to a certain number of reactions (e.g. for single sequencing reactions in tubes or for high-throughput sequencing reactions in 96-well plates)? Then our Best Price Segment is right for you.


Overall Service Features and Benefits:

  • Stringent quality control: You can expect a high level of quality since all your sequencing reactions are monitored very closely for signal strength, length of read and quality values.  
  • Technical support & consulting via e-mail and phone: Do you have questions regarding your proposed application/experiment or the experimental outcome? Then e-mail or phone us and we will do our best to support you.
  • Best price available: The higher the order volume, the better price you will be offered.

























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