Ready-To-Load Sequencing in 96-well Plates

If you have a workflow in your lab for sample preparation, cycling and purification and just want to outsource the actual analysis, this service is right for you.


Main Service Features and Benefits:

  • Read length per run: up to 1100 bases
  • User-friendly sample shipment: Customers with a Microsynth collection box in their vicinity may benefit from cost-free shipment.
  • Rapid turnaround time: sequencing time down to 2 days, depending on the amount of samples
  • Direct access to support by experienced academic staff (no waiting on a recorded-message hotline)

Sample Requirements:

  • Sample preparation, cycling and purification according to protocols from Applied Biosystems
  • Dried samples in Micro Amp Optical 96-well reaction plates with barcode from Applied Biosystems (or compatible plates)

Important – Please Note!

96-well plates can be provided upon request

How to Order?  

  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Plate Sequencing in the green DNA Sequencing area
  • Click on Fill Order Form in the Ready-To-Load Service area and follow the further instructions
  • Specify in the “comment box” that the sample preparation, cycling and purification was done by you and samples are “ready-to-load” on the 3730xl. Also specify here the Big Dye chemistry, amounts used and purification method.

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