Premium Run Service

Are you looking for a personalized sequencing service that includes comprehensive customer support and troubleshooting? Are you looking for a top-quality sequencing service that is able to decode even difficult sequences? Then we recommend taking a closer look at our Premium Run Service.

in Service Features and Benefits:
  • Read length per run: up to 1100 bases
  • Standard primers and specific primers will be added free of charge.
  • Rapid turnaround time: sequencing time down to 36h
  • Failed reactions will be repeated free of charge.
  • Convenient service: easy ordering and overnight in-house production of specific sequencing primers
  • Comprehensive support and troubleshooting via our experienced academic staff (no waiting on a recorded-message hotline):
    • Depending on your requirements, sequences can be delivered as edited or non-edited. Editing includes a manual proofread of your chromatogram by our experienced staff. Software-derived mistakes or uncertainties resulting from base calling (this is the procedure where the chromatogram is translated into your sequence) will be corrected.
    • Upon receiving your samples, we will check the DNA concentration; if DNA concentration is too low, we will approach you to discuss the further proceeding.
    • Depending on your requirements, results are provided via e-mail or via download from a HTTPS server. FASTA files are attached to the chromatograms.
    • Paper printouts are made available upon request.
    • In case of failed or poor sequencing results, we will approach you and make useful suggestions for issue solving (e.g. poly stretches, high G/C content, hairpin structures etc.). However, whether we continue with sequencing or stop at this stage is always your decision.
    • User-friendly and cost-free sample shipment: Just use either Microsynth’s pick-up service or request our pre-paid and pre-addressed envelopes for cost-free shipment via post mail.
  • Additional services:
    • One-Drop Sequencing
    • Special Treatment
    • Plasmid Preparation from E. coli
    • PCR Purification
Sample Requirements
See our user guide under "Related Downloads".

Important – Please Note!

Free pick-up service: Our customers in Switzerland (Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Zurich) and Austria (Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna) may benefit from our free pick-up service. In order to determine whether there is a Microsynth collection box in your immediate vicinity, please call us or register/ login yourself and see under “View Collection Points”. For all customers without a Microsynth collection box close by, Microsynth offers convenient and cost-free shipment of samples via its pre-paid and pre-addressed envelopes.

How to Order?
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Single Tube Sequencing in the green DNA Sequencing area
  • Click on Fill Order Form in the Premium Run Service area and follow the further instructions

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